Professional Skills for Secretaries & Administrators [2 Days]

Office Professionals of the 21st Century require knowledge, skills and abilities that are closely aligned to many of those of their managers. They are required to have problem solving abilities and the initiative to think on their feet while juggling many balls all at the same time and without dropping any! The Professional Skills for Secretaries and Administrators workshop will strengthen your current skills with a powerful, direct approach to ensure the achieving of personal effectiveness in the business environment.

  • Develop a highly professional image and attitude
  • Grow your interpersonal relationships by communicating clearly and concisely
  • Understand cultural and communication barriers and how to overcome them
  • Manage time to improve efficiency
  • Exceed client’s needs and expectations
  • Help create systems that streamline processes and improve record maintenance and filing
  • Arrange all travel arrangements and itineraries
  • Ensure that you take ownership of yourself, your job and your future
This workshop is aimed at all those who are required to be highly efficient and effective in a demanding support staff role where confidentiality and commitment is essential. It is suited to all persons in administration in commercial or non-commercial organisations where they are required to work effectively with others as a member of a team to foster and maintain sound working relationships. The working environment demands the individual to be organised, use thinking skills and communication skills to solve problems in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Module 1: Developing a Professional Approach
  • Module 2: Effective Business Communication Skills
  • Module 3: Managing Time for Improved Efficiency
  • Module 4: Service Excellence for Internal and External Clients
  • Module 5: Organising Business Travel Arrangements
  • Module 6: Maintaining Files and Records
  • Module 7: Taking Ownership of Yourself, Your Job and Your Future