Finance for Non-Financial Managers [2 Days]

The programme is designed to provide Non-Financial Managers with a better understanding of the dynamics involved in financial management and to equip them with practical experience. Delegates will be given the ability to interpret financial statements and use the information to make a financial decision.

  • Understand the importance of financial management
  • Identify, solve problems and make financial decisions
  • Understand basic accounting principles and concepts
  • Analyse the elements of an income and expenditure statement
  • Analyse the elements of a balance sheet
  • Be able to compile a personal assets and liabilities statement
The workshop will benefit any businessperson involved in finance requiring a theoretical understanding and practical application of financial tools, techniques, procedures and terminology.
  • Module 1: Forms of Ownership
  • Module 2: The Bookkeeping Process / Accounting Cycle
  • Module 3: The Income and Expenditure Statement
  • Module 4: The Balance Sheet
  • Module 5: Assets and Liabilities
  • Module 6: Financial Decisions and Financial Viability