Chairing and Managing Business Meetings [1 Day]

The minutes of a meeting are only as good as the meeting management skills of the Chairperson. This workshop has been developed to prepare delegates with the skills they require in order to be effective in chairing meetings and keeping accurate minutes. The Chairperson who can effectively manage time, who can control difficult attendees, who can steer discussion to meet the meeting objectives effectively and who has a sound knowledge of formal meeting procedure, will be revered as a role model to all meeting attendees.

  • To clarify the purpose and objectives of meetings
  • Identifying types of meetings and legal issues
  • Understanding the role of committee officials
  • Applying different types of agendas
  • Following correct meeting procedures
  • Chairing the meeting to meet objectives
  • Meeting management and effective control
The workshop is aimed at delegates who are responsible for meeting organisation, preparing of agendas, chairing a meeting and ensuring that correct procedures are followed in order for the meetings secretary to take accurate minutes.
  • Introduction
  • Meeting Procedure
  • Chairing the Meeting
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan