Managing Poor Work Performance [1 Day]

The purpose of this programme is to explain the difference between issues relating to Ill Health, In Capacity and Poor Work Performance in the workplace. Delegates will learn to determine whether they are dealing misconduct or performance related issues and then which route to follow to address the issues correctly.

  • Identify the difference between Misconduct and Poor Performance
  • Learn how to differentiate between Ill health, Incapacity and Poor work performance
  • Learn how to deal with issues relating to substance abuse in the workplace
  • Learn how to manage and control Absenteeism
  • Understand the consultative process to be followed when dealing with Poor work performance
The workshop has open access to all individuals who need to prepare for and council staff on issues relating to poor work performance. Tools and skills learnt will enable the individual to be more organised and prepared for the consultative process.
  • Module 1: Understanding the difference between Misconduct and Poor Work Performance
  • Module 2: Dealing with Absenteeism and Substance Abuse
  • Module 3: Determining the Disciplinary Route to Follow
  • Module 4: Dealing with Ill-Health, Incapacity and Poor Work Performance
  • Module 5: The Consultative Process