Service Excellence for Call Centre Agents [2 Days]

The programme will be designed to improve the professionalism of the employees and achieve consistency of service levels in the Call Centre. Delegates will understand the impact on them and their organisation of providing the best possible service learning to communicate with clients in a professional and effective manner.

The Service Excellence training course will uplift the organisational excellence of Call Centre staff when dealing with clients. Delegates will understand how to professionally interact with clients and have a heightened awareness of people’s needs and expectations to reach the company values and achieve strong customer focus. The training can be integrated around the company vision and values so that the staff also focus and share the same vision.

  • Defining good service
  • Adapting a professional approach to clients
  • Communicating correctly with customers
  • Exploring telephone etiquette
  • Building customer relationships
  • Dealing with difficult clients and complaints
  • Analysing service levels
  • Defining WOW service
  • Personal accountability
This course is intended for all employees in organisations who recognise that a highly competitive market prizes Service Excellence above all customer retention factors.
  • Service Excellence in the Call Centre
  • Effective Communication – a Vital Tool for Excellent Client Service
  • Telephone Etiquette Principles
  • Building Exceptional Client Service Relationships
  • Dealing with customer Complaints
  • Wow! Service – Going the Extra Mile
  • A Way Forward
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan