Mastering Business Communication [2 Days]

Communication is the cornerstone of all our interpersonal relationships and the foundation of all areas of effectiveness in our lives. With the constant increase of pace, the complex choices we have to make and the range of communication channels available, we have to access new and smarter ways of communicating. In exploring these ways, this programme includes a look at Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence as well as the pillars of Neuro Linguistic Programming in order to give the learner a deeper understanding of the need for our communication to become more intelligent and intuitive

  • Project a professional, positive personal image
  • Learn how to use positive language
  • Select and apply the correct communication channel
  • Ensure your communication has a clear purpose and objective
  • Be aware of sensory acuity and develop rapport
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Master difficult conversations
  • Develop confidence in giving and receiving feedback
  • Master the art of modern written communication.
The two day course targets all business professionals who communicate on a regular basis with individuals
of different levels of skills, knowledge and ability. The course is open to all individuals who need to master the
skills of communicating in a diverse community using either written, verbal or non-verbal skills
  • Projecting a Positive Personal Image
  • Understanding effective Business Communication
  • Building Relationships
  • Verbal Communication Intelligence
  • Positive Interpersonal Communication
  • Mastering Written Communication
  • Self-Assessment Opportunities