Train the Trainer [3 Days]

This unit standard will provide recognition for those who facilitate or intend to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies. It will prepare trainers to facilitate a unit standard for other learners.

Effective facilitation is the goal of this course! Facilitation is assisting a group to determine and or achieve a particular task. To achieve the most effective outcomes however, one needs to look for and use the most appropriate processes for both the group and the focus. In the facilitation process, the trainer will need to ensure that all learners have an opportunity to contribute and challenge the participants to find the best results. Not to be forgotten – the purpose and design will need to be clarified with the client.

Effective facilitation is therefore about working with people and assisting individuals with their interactions and discussion. Differences in people need to be valued – people think, learn and operate in different ways. Understanding and applying basic principles to the development and delivery of the facilitation will go a long way to improving both the experience and the results of the group.

To make learning most effective, with better retention, recall, and transfer, it must be tailored specifically to individual learning needs. Facilitation methodologies tools will be given to help trainers prepare for, facilitate, and assess the learning activity/experience. These methodologies are helpful in situations in which one needs to shift from being a “sage on a stage” to being a “guide on the side.”

Increased confidence has been found in facilitators who follow the various facilitation methodologies. The vital role of assessment appears as a thread throughout the methodologies and the importance of defining learning outcomes, setting up the activity, and providing closure is emphasised. Additional modules discuss facilitation issues and tools.

There are numerous ways facilitation can be improved and create an opportunity to stretch oneself. This course will provide input on how to do this.

  • Define facilitation
  • Understand how to plan and prepare for facilitation
  • Consider different learning styles
  • Design the facilitation process and experience
  • Improving the training venue
  • Facilitate learning in an improved way using various resources
  • Understand various facilitation methodologies and assessment methods
  • Evaluate learning and facilitation
Those who facilitate or intend to facilitate learning.
  • Plan and Prepare for Facilitation
  • Facilitate Learning
  • Evaluate Learning and Facilitation
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan