The Corporate Receptionist [2 Days]

You only have one chance to make an impression. It doesn’t matter if your organisation is large or small, for a client your company comes down to the professionalism received and image at the front desk.

The Corporate Receptionist workshop develops front line staff to become highly professional and efficient when dealing both face to face and telephonically with clients. They will understand the importance of communicating in a corporate and courteous manner to both internal and external customers.

This learning programme also covers key aspects of proper conduct and administrative practices in the reception area. It will equip delegates with practical skills to monitor and control the reception area efficiently. Learners will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas in the business environment, striving towards professional standards and practice at higher levels.

  • Employing effective telephone etiquette
  • Importance of answering the call in a professional manner
  • Taking accurate messages and relaying effectively and timeously to the recipient
  • Transferring the calls and keeping the client informed of delays
  • Improving communication skills, questioning and listening techniques.
  • Dealing with difficult callers
  • Monitoring the maintenance of a clean and safe reception area
  • Monitoring the presentation of the reception area
  • Monitoring the implementation of security procedures in the reception area
The primary objective of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the business environment. The courses have a strong focus on an outcomes based approach and are facilitated on a highly interactive basis encouraging active delegate participation using:

  • Role-plays
  • Break-away sessions
  • Relevant business exercises
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussion activities and
  • Case studies

High emphasis is placed on learning through ‘doing’ where learners are presented with real life and workplace case studies ensuring delegates develop knowledge and confidence to take their enhanced skills back into the business environment and apply them successfully. The group leaders are trained to create a comfortable atmosphere where delegates can evaluate themselves and their skills, generate ideas and solutions to problems and plan suitable growth in the workplace.

  • Module 1: Developing a Professional Approach
  • Module 2: Telephone Etiquette and Courtesy
  • Module 3: Answering the Telephone
  • Module 4: Monitor the Presentation of the Reception Area
  • Module 5: Implementing Security Procedures
  • Module 6: Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan