Team Effectiveness Year End [Half Day]

Begin your end of year Team Building event with this fun and interactive workshop to celebrate the year’s achievements. The programme will unify your employees and involve everyone in personal and group awareness for continued success in 2018.

Delegates evaluate themselves for a better understanding, increasing motivation and positive behaviour. It will integrate and cement the team and consolidate a foundation of trust and team synergy. The workshop incorporates fun group activities, a competition, individual diagnosis and facilitated feedback.

The primary objective of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the business environment. The courses have a strong focus on an outcomes based approach and are facilitated on a highly interactive basis encouraging active delegate participation using:

  • Role-plays
  • Break-away sessions
  • Relevant business exercises
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussion activities and
  • Case studies

High emphasis is placed on learning through ‘doing’ where learners are presented with real life and workplace case studies ensuring delegates develop knowledge and confidence to take their enhanced skills back into the business environment and apply them successfully. The group leaders are trained to create a comfortable atmosphere where delegates can evaluate themselves and their skills, generate ideas and solutions to problems and plan suitable growth in the workplace.

  • Module 1: Icebreaker
  • Module 2: Building Team Trust and Motivation
  • Module 3: Identifying Individual Personalities and Social Styles
  • Module 4: The Way Forward – Become a Winning Team