Team Building Workshop [Half Day]

Team building activities increase camaraderie, positive communication, idea sharing, raises morale, encourages bonding and is fun!
The effects of team building extend beyond the team in the workplace. It improves the ways in which employees engage with customers and develop strategies to promote products and services. Team building is therefore essential for the growth of any company.

It can be used at any time of the year – year-end to recognise achievements, beginning of the year to provide motivation for the new year or during the year to consolidate a team. This programme will unify your employees and involve everyone in personal and group awareness for continued success.

Delegates evaluate themselves for a better understanding, increasing motivation and positive behaviour. It will integrate and cement the team and consolidate a foundation of trust and team synergy. The workshop incorporates fun group activities, competition, individual diagnosis and facilitated feedback.

  • Improve understanding of team members
  • Build trust and motivation
  • Identify and understand individual personality and social styles
  • Move out of comfort zones to develop self
  • Identify the stage of the team and how to grow the team
  • Become a winning team
The course is suitable for all levels of staff, teams and departments. Can be targeted at teams who require a fun intervention to maintain or build team spirit, need consolidation or motivation, teams that are not creating the required results or require input on becoming winning teams.
  • Icebreaker
  • Building Team Trust and Motivation
  • Identifying Individual Personalities and Social Styles
  • The Way Forward – Become a Winning Team
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan