Supervisory Skills for Team Leaders [2 Days]

The purpose of the Supervisory Skills for Team Leaders workshop is to strengthen your current supervisory skills. It explores the role of the team leader in ensuring that the team meets organisational or required standards. The course grows an understanding of responsible leadership and high performance leadership of teams. It is understood by most leaders that effective management is a prerequisite to being viewed as a great leader and because of the dynamics of the South African market, the focus on leadership has intensified from an interest to a need.

This two-day workshop increases your awareness of your current supervisory style and abilities. You will understand organisational requirements to apply management by objectives. The course then provides you with a tool-kit of ideas to increase your supervisory skills back in the workplace. This Supervisory Skills workshop is designed to help all supervisors/team leaders develop the essential skills to influence and motivate their staff to achieve exceptional performance.

  • To understand the role of a team leader
  • To understand the purpose and power of the team
  • To obtain commitment of the team by contracting
  • To monitor the achievement of team objectives.
  • To apply performance management tasks
  • To enhance interpersonal skills within the context of a management framework
  • To highlight tasks required of supervisors
  • To assist supervisors and team leaders in ensuring that their teams meet the organisation’s standards
  • To expose delegates to practical situations that occur in the workplace
This workshop is aimed at all those who have junior management or supervisory/team leader responsibilities or those who have recently been promoted to a Supervisory or Team leader management position.
  • Module 1: Exploring the Concept of Teams
  • Module 2: Creating a High Performance Team
  • Module 3: Contracting in the Team
  • Module 4: Performance Management
  • Module 5: Action Planning: SWOT analyses