Supervisory Development Programme

To become a competent and confident leader of the future, supervisors are invited to embark on an exciting journey of learning. The programme has been designed to incorporate essential high level inter- and intra-personal skills to enable supervisors to adapt, motivate, lead and manage their subordinates with confidence through changing times.

  • Examine time management skills and select and implement solutions which will assist them in meeting work, team and personal deadlines.
  • Explore the basics of Emotional Intelligence and apply the guidelines and theories in everyday situations that arise when working with people.
  • Discover your ‘basket of benefits’, master them and realise what you are capable of offering the organisation.
  • Explore communication and understand the appropriate ways in which to communicate, to become comfortable in communicating both up and down in the organisation.
  • Master business communication and manage relationships both up and down.
  • Present oneself effectively with confidence to both large and small audiences.
  • Realise how to influence and motivate staff to achieve exceptional performance.
  • Learn how to maintain a balance between achieving results and developing your people.
  • Increase awareness of your current leadership style and abilities.
  • Improve coaching and mentoring skills, producing a positive developmental culture within the organisation.
  • Monitor ongoing performance so as to incorporate effective developmental plans for employees.
  • Understand and apply the Performance Management Cycle to maximise human resource potential in the organisation.
  • Develop a more professional and effective manner in which to handle both internal and external customers.
  • Enhance email etiquette and learn how to draft emails that are clear and concise and won’t be misinterpreted by co-workers.
This workshop is aimed at all those who have supervisory/team leader responsibilities, those earmarked to take on supervisory/ team leader roles or those who have recently been promoted to a supervisory/team leader management position.
  • Module 1: Time and Productivity (1 day)
  • Module 2: Emotional Intelligence (1 day)
  • Module 3: Mastering Business Communication (1 day)
  • Module 4: Presentation Skills (½ day)
  • Module 5: People Management and Leadership (2 days)
  • Module 6: Coaching Skills (1 day)
  • Module 7: Performance Management (1 day)
  • Module 8: 21 Century Service (½ day)
  • Module 9: E-mail Etiquette (½ day)
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan