Return on Investment

The primary objective of our training is to ensure knowledge acquired is applied successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance. Utilising a unique post course electronic “toolbox” for delegates and an on-line electronic evaluation tool for clients, we offer measurable training solutions providing return on investment in the workplace.

Return on Investment (ROI) Reporting
Utilising an on-line pre and post course evaluation tool we offer measurable training solutions showing return on investment in the workplace. The evaluations and return on investment report deliver important feedback showing the impact of training and relating it to the benefit gained by the organisation.On-Line Knowledge Hub
All delegates attending Kwelanga Training public courses have FREE access to post course on-line resources. Up-to-date, convenient and easily accessible information, relevant to the programme attended, is available.

Tools include case studies, articles, exercises and other valuable articles which will reinforce course content and assist in transferring knowledge and skills to the workplace.

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The Way Forward – 30 Day Personal Action Plan

The post course 30 Day Action Plan is a monthly goal setting tool. The aim is to assist delegates set focused goals to achieve work place and personal objectives and implement skills learnt.

Delegates are encouraged to repeat the process by reviewing past months’ achievements and focusing on the upcoming months objectives. Involvement of the delegate’s manager is advised providing feedback and to utilise as a one-on-one developmental discussion tool.

The Way Forward

“Contact the Coach” Post Course Support

We offer a continued learning relationship providing FREE access to post course support to embed the knowledge gained. Our advisors are subject matter experts in each area of specialisation.

Delegates can “Contact the Coach” for support, information or assistance with additional questions regarding the application of theory covered during the course.

Electronic Training “Toolbox”

Delegates are able to receive an electronic training “toolbox” containing additional resources specific to the training programme attended.

The ROI optional extra Kwelanga USB memory stick includes articles, case studies, exercises and other useful material to assist learners and reinforce the new skills acquired.

Personal Elevation Plan

A plan is essential if you are going to implement your new skills in the workplace, learnt during your Kwelanga Training course, which will visibly add value to you and drive positive behaviour change and improved results.

Facilitators guide delegates through the recording of action plan items and will encourage them to show their Personal Elevation Plan to their up-line on their return to work so accountability is created. This tool will also be useful for monthly one-on-one development discussions.