Personal Financial Management [Half Day]

The Financial Management programme is designed to equip delegates with the basic knowledge, understanding and comprehension of financial stability and viability. It is aimed at assisting in managing finances, while introducing the jargon.
The focus is in cultivating an awareness of impact of financial decisions on cash flow and budgeting. Insurance as well as the responsibility to SARS is also covered.
Delegates are shown the mistakes made when it comes to managing their finances and how to overcome them.
The workshop is highly practical and delegates are given numerous opportunities to apply the principles learnt.

  • Understand budgeting in an improved way
  • Familiarising oneself with financial terminology
  • Setting financial goals and planning accordingly
  • Exploring debt, interest rates and repayment commitments
  • Insurance explained
  • Understanding SARS expectations
Individuals who require a basic understanding of personal financial management and need assistance with budgeting, managing debt, cash flow and input on how to better manage their personal finances.
  • Budgeting
  • Setting Personal Goals & Creating a Financial Plan
  • Talking About the Dreaded “D” Word
  • Insurance
  • SARS
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan