Perfect Presentation Skills [2 Days]

The ability to present oneself effectively with confidence is one of the most highly sought after skills in the
workplace. This course will give the delegate the tools to present to both large and small audiences. The
delegate will learn the skill of adapting to different audiences in varying presentation circumstances including
formal presentations, meetings, interviews, negotiations, debating sessions and team presentations. The
focus is on gaining skills through practical application of the theory and skills covered.

  • Understanding the characteristics of a good presenter
  • Overcoming the “Fear Factor”
  • Applying the presentation process from planning to question and answer sessions
  • Analysing the audience
  • Successful interaction with the audience, maintaining sound group dynamics.
  • Reinforcing the message – key words, pace, transitions, body language
  • Participating in/conducting formal meetings, discussions, debates and negotiations.
  • Using appropriate visual aids to enhance the presentation.
  • Drawing successful conclusions
The two day course targets business professionals who communicate on a regular basis with individuals of
different levels of skills, knowledge and ability. The course is open to all business professionals, and may
include those who make formal proposals, present reports with PowerPoint presentations, manage projects,
debate and negotiate, chair meetings, conduct interviews, who are active in sales and who may meet and
introduce external clients.
  • Introduction to Perfect Presentations
  • The 10 Step Presentation Process
  • Strategies to Capture and Keep the Audience Interested
  • Identifying And Responding To Manipulative Language
  • Final Presentation and Evaluation