Negotiating for Results [2 Days]

The Negotiating for Results programme focuses on the techniques, structures and interpersonal
communication skills necessary to increase the chances of a successful outcome to negotiations. The
workshop takes a practical view, in part behavioural, but also technique driven. It will provide delegates who
negotiate to go about their job with a heightened awareness that will allow them to use the appropriate
techniques throughout their negotiations. It will also help them understand the other party’s point of view, how
to act professionally throughout the negotiation process and to build on-going relationships with other party.

  • Understanding the need for negotiation skills in business
  • Identifying the characteristics of a good negotiator
  • Identifying individual negotiating styles
  • Knowing and applying the steps in the negotiation process
  • Explaining strategies that could be used in negotiation
  • Preparation – information gathering and goal setting
  • Developing communication skills essential to negotiate successfully
  • Gaining confidence – demonstrating persuasive and assertiveness techniques
  • Achieving the best deal/outcome possible
  • Introduction to Negotiation
  • The Preparation Phase
  • Important People Skills for Successful Negotiators
  • The Negotiation Process