Managing Time for Results [1 Day]

The Managing Time for Results programme gives delegates the skills to analyse their personal and team time problems, and to choose and implement solutions which suit their positions and work-styles. This workshop will allow delegates to examine their time management and to select and implement solutions which will assist them in meeting work and personal deadlines.

The workshop has open access to all individuals who need to manage their time efficiently in order to be more effective. Tools and skills learnt will enable the individual to be more organised in a competitive and stressful work environment. Task and personal time management is essential in order to cope with multi-tasking demands of the common workplace today.

  • Module 1: Creating, Using and Maintaining a Task List
  • Module 2: Planning Proactively
  • Module 3: Using and Maintaining an Effective Diary System
  • Module 4: Procrastination, Prioritising and Productivity
  • Module 5: Planning and Following a Work Schedule
  • Module 6: Essential Time Management Skills
  • Module 7: Basics of Time and Stress Management