Training Needs Analysis Tool

Training Needs Analysis Tool

Introducing our innovative Training Needs Analysis tool. This is an essential resource designed to enhance individual growth, as well as organisational effectiveness. This tool will empower you to identify, evaluate, and address any skills gaps that you may have, with a targeted training intervention. Our tool equips you with a strategic approach to elevate your own professional development.

Designed to enhance individual growth. As well as organisational effectiveness.
Identify, evaluate, and address any skills gaps that you may have with a targeted training intervention.

Easy to Use:

  • Pick from 5 content categories.
  • Answer the skills evaluation questions for each category.
  • Receive a personalised report that provides you with a summary of your skills needs:
    • Complete with links to book online for the next public course.
    • An option to request more information from one of our Knowledgeable Account Managers.
    • Or a direct link to the online course overview.
  • You also have the option to download a FREE PDF Copy of the report once you’ve registered.

We are providing this tool as a FREE to use application

Access the tool from here:

Kwelanga invites you to test this tool and share it with your colleagues or any other employed staff who would like assistance in identifying their next learning opportunity