eLearning / Self Paced Online Learning

Kwelanga Training aims to become the virtual and digital training provider of choice.

In keeping with this objective we have launched our own eLearning Portal (Powered By SmartStep).


For The Individual Learner

This online education platform offers a range of courses to help you take control of your career. Looking to brush up on the basics, learn new professional skills or deepen your current knowledge.

The platform is built to enhance and progress your personal and professional goals through this easy to use self-driven and self-paced platform.

Elevate your skill set by learning on any device, anywhere and anytime!

For more information on the courses and to sign up for your next eLearning programme go to: https://kwelangatraining.smartstep.co.za/


For The Corporate Learning & Development Team

This platform also offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to upskill, reskill and train their talent with the highest-quality content in subject areas relevant to their organisation.

Deliver easy-to-digest information, allowing your team to learn from anywhere at any time.

A growing collection of ready-made courses that cover the skills your team’s need for success at work.

This platform enables a flexible self-paced training approach that empowers your employees while minimizing your costs and training complexity.

Create customized training pathways for your employees, manage user groups, review usage analytics and more. This platform gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your training journey.


Content Owners and In-House Instructional Design Teams

The SmartStep platform gives training professionals everything they need to manage their entire training program from one secure, centralized environment.

With our white label SmartStep options, you control the look and feel of your platform, starting with the most recognisable features.

There are no upfront costs or complex license fees making it one of the most cost-effective low risk platforms on the market.

The result is a lean and accessible learning platform that is customisable to the unique outcomes of your programme.

More about the LMS can be viewed from http://www.smartstep.co.za