NC – Contact Centre NQF Level 4

Fundamental Component:
The Fundamental Component consists of Unit Standards to the value of 56 credits all of which are compulsory.

Core Component:
The Core Component consists of Unit Standards to the value of 66 credits all of which are compulsory.

Elective Component:
The Elective Component consists of individual unit standards from which the learner must choose unit standards totalling a minimum of 10 credits.

  • Understand and implement service levels and their monitoring in Contact Centres.
  • Monitor and control Contact Centre support Staff and their meeting of targets and standards.
  • Apply specific Contact Centre sales knowledge and skills in creating and meeting sales targets and requirements.
  • Identify specific Contact Centre customers.
  • Coach others in Contact Centres.
  • Work with Contact Centre statistical data.
Benchmarking was done by comparison to Unit Standards / Outcomes of learning against:

  • New Zealand and Australian Qualifications where these could be sourced.
  • NVQ Qualifications from Britain. In fact the NVQ have compared the unit standards in this qualification and have approved the relevant unit standards for a period of two years.
  • Module 1: Communication Skills
  • Module 2: Language Proficiency
  • Module 3: Mathematical Literacy
  • Module 4: Principles of Contact Centre Operations
  • Module 5: Contact Centre Management
  • Module 6: Contact Centre customers