Categories for Employee Management Programmes

Successful Inductions [1 Day]

An employee induction is the process through which new team members learn and adapt to procedures and expectations of the organisation to quickly reach maximum productivity. An effective induction will help new team members to feel welcome, motivated and will enable them to fit in quickly.

Delegates will learn how to develop and implement a successful induction that is well timed, organised and engaging, giving an excellent first impression of the organisation. Delegates will develop skills allowing a new employee to lay the foundations for important relationships within the team and across the organisation. The course is also beneficial for inducting existing team members into a new position.

The primary objective of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the business environment. The courses have a strong focus on an outcomes based approach and are facilitated on a highly interactive basis encouraging active delegate participation using:

  • Role-plays
  • Break-away sessions
  • Relevant business exercises
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussion activities and
  • Case studies

High emphasis is placed on learning through ‘doing’ where learners are presented with real life and workplace case studies ensuring delegates develop knowledge and confidence to take their enhanced skills back into the business environment and apply them successfully. The group leaders are trained to create a comfortable atmosphere where delegates can evaluate themselves and their skills, generate ideas and solutions to problems and plan suitable growth in the workplace.

  • Module 1: Planning and Designing the Induction
  • Module 2: Introducing a New Member of the Team
  • Module 3: Explain How Performance is Assessed
  • Module 4: Create Awareness of Career Opportunities
  • Module 5: Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan
Coaching & Mentoring [2 Days]

Organisational change management, employee motivation and development, and developing leadership and emotional intelligence competencies are crucial success factors for individuals and organisations in an aggressive 21 Century business environment. Coaching trends are not only challenging individuals to develop and manage themselves but are becoming an integral part of productive performance and accelerated learning. Coaching can help in career progression, strategic planning, skills development, employment equity and in building relationships and leadership potential. Many people at every level of the organisation can facilitate coaching processes and initiatives, producing a positive developmental culture within the organisation.

Providing mentoring is vital for junior management to have a role model who can guide their leadership and management development as well as imparting life skills.

This interactive and practical two day course will equip you with the skills to manage and develop coaching and mentoring skills for yourself and others in your organisation and will involve you from both the coach and coachee perspective.

  • Understand and apply the principles of coaching and mentoring
  • Develop and practice key coaching and mentoring skills
  • Build positive relationships through coaching that support and empower individuals
  • Set up coaching and mentoring programmes and plans to develop capability and motivation
  • Conduct coaching sessions using well recognised coaching approaches and models
  • Enhance your organisations effectiveness in focusing development on its key resource
  • Enable internal coaching through change
Experienced office professionals, team leaders, and managers who are looking to coach and mentor others in the organisation or who wish to learn about the coaching and mentoring process for self-development and effective performance management
  • Module 1: Preparing to Coach and Mentor effectively
  • Module 2: Coaching and Mentoring skills and principles
  • Module 3: Developing the Coaching/Mentoring Relationship
  • Module 4: The Coaching and Mentoring Process
  • Module 5: Practical Application
  • Module 6: Optional: Coaching through Change