Analytical Sales Mastery

This modular interactive Analytical Sales Mastery workshop teaches the principles of manifesting success and productivity consciously through consistently applying skills and steps that need to be applied in achieving success in selling. The principles apply whether selling products, services or marketing yourself and your organisation.

The training is conducted over six, four hour sessions held once a week. Thus allowing for application of knowledge and techniques learnt in each session.

The knowledge can transform personal and organisational goals and targets to create real bottom line difference.

  • Categorise a client base
  • Understand the value of categorising
  • Develop tactics to promote clients
  • Unpack relationship and service levels to clients
  • Improve client analysis skills
  • Tips on how to build trust with your clients
  • Develop preparation skills for client visits
  • Utilise preparation tools
  • Evaluate time vs value/cost
  • Manage activities efficiently via a schedule
  • Own commission
  • Develop communication skills
  • Hone listening and questioning skills
  • Identify the personality style of clients
  • Improve levels of assertiveness and discover techniques
The workshop is designed for sales people in product and service delivery and for managers and team leaders who are in a position to motivate others. It can be used for personal development, career and life direction and for team building.
  • Understanding the Value of Client Categorisation
  • Aligning Your Client Base to the Value Categorisation Model
  • Client Analysis Tools
  • Developing Your Client through Structured Meeting Plans
  • Administrative Techniques to make you more Productive
  • Developing Key Interpersonal Skills for Selling
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan