Value Added Services

What Makes Kwelanga Unique?

Electronic Training Knowledge Base

The Kwelanga Training On-line Knowledge Base will help learners to reinforce the skills covered during the course. There are exercises and current useful articles and tips available to help you in mastering the skills that you have acquired on this course. Learners are encouraged to complete the exercises as part of their post course assessment and to submit these completed exercises to their supervisor to assist in post course evaluation and as a tool to aid transfer of skills into the workplace.

Access to this Knowledge Base is from HERE 

Online Electronic Pre and Post Course Evaluations

Utilising our unique on-line post course evaluation tool we offer our clients providing measurable business training solutions offering return on investment in the workplace.

With more Training and HR Managers being held accountable for training spent, we believe that the importance of Return on Investment (ROI) calculations following training courses will prove to be invaluable to the management of all organisations that are serious about their training objectives

This form of evaluation will deliver important feedback to our clients in order to determine the impact of training and relate it to the benefit that the client’s business has gained through our training programmes.

The Way Forward – 30 Day Personal Action Plan

A post course action plan for delegates to set goals and implement the skills acquired. The action plan covers strategies and ideas to reinforce learning and aiding transfer of skills into the workplace. It assists with achieving goals, improving motivation and assisting with sustainable change.

“Contact the Coach” – Post Course Support

Kwelanga Training ensures that expertise is available following all training to aid transfer of skills into the workplace. We strongly believe learning should include on-going assistance following training. Delegates can “Contact the Coach” via email or telephonically if they need support with additional queries/questions regarding the application of theory covered during the course at any time following the course.
Delegates often comment that they feel that their confidence and competence have grown by being able to discuss an issue with a qualified facilitator following the training course. Reinforcement is constant and applicable to the individual needs.

Post Course Training Reports

The post course training report covers the facilitator’s observations and feedback, commenting on how delegates received the training, motivation, team dynamics and attitude of participants. The report also lists suggestions, strategies and recommendations to help our clients achieve their goals following training and assisting with long-term change in the workplace.

Our Bag of Tricks

In order for Kwelanga to deliver our sterling service, we make use of the latest business technology and constantly update our systems to meet the needs of our clients. In doing this we are constantly up to date with developments in various industries, but are also able to offer an increasingly effective service to our clients.

These are the current technologies we opt to use:


In the past, when people wanted to attend a course, they had to correspond via post to indicate their interest. Later, it progressed to confirmation via telephone. Today, it is all done online. With the help of cVent, our clients now have access to an automated online booking process for public courses. This allows the client to manage their own information and bookings from anywhere at any time. A wealth of information is available for each course and visitors are even able to get a map and real-time direction assistance to the training venue – all online!

In addition, clients are able to fully integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Most importantly, payment is made easy with secure credit card facilities.

SalesForce: Comprehensive CRM system

Managing the relationship we have with our clients is of utmost importance to us and thus we’ve invested heavily in a world-class CRM solution. No longer is client engagement solely dependent on face-to-face interaction or the odd phone call; today it is so much broader. Our chosen solution allows us to access client accounts, track communication and co-ordinate appointments using any internet connected device. One of the key benefits of implementing this system is obtaining more accurate data to better serve our clients. SalesForce, the system we use, has allowed us to integrate various databases and thereby getting rid of any duplication, incorrect and outdated records.

Automated Project Based Admin Management

Efficiency is key to any business and we consistently strive to improve our efficiency at Kwelanga. Previously, in an attempt to manage our operations, we undertook a number of labour intensive, manual tasks. These included updating documents, check lists and reports, all offering little monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, our administration team, situated in various locations across the country, worked on different data sets, which was the cause of an administration nightmare.

To address this challenge, we have integrated our administration processes into a web-based Sales CRM solution through a Project Management Tool, which automates process flow and reporting for multiple admin activities. This in turn relieves the administration staff to perform tasks of greater importance in good time. Service delivery errors are also limited and we can continue to provide the professional service our clients have become accustomed to.

Automated Campaign Management

Using our CRM solution, we opted to use to an integrated campaign management tool. Previously, we had a standalone campaign management tool which required manual management of accounts. By means of this shift, our client records will be linked to campaign enquiries which makes it much easier to create a more user-friendly platform for client interaction.